Lighten Your Load for the Day.
Go Hands-Free Right from the Airport!

When you are on the go it can be a hassle to drag all of your heavy bags around all day. Simply drop off your bags at the BagHop area inside the airport and be on your way. Luggage delivery and storage has never been this easy.


Drop off your bags right in the airport and have them delivered safely to your hotel. Always under the supervision of our staff, and you get a text from us when your bag arrives at your hotel.


Get same-day, convenient storage for as many bags as you need before you even leave the airport. Pick them up when you return, right where you dropped them off.


Your bags are supervised and secure from drop-off to delivery. Plus, our BagSafe℠ Tag is loaded with technology to help locate and retrieve your lost luggage – anywhere in the world.

For Travelers Who Want Things Simple at the Airport

Using BagHop is the easiest way to have a stress free journey no matter what your destination is.


Focus on your priorities. Get to that meeting. Let BagHop make sure your bags are waiting for you at the airport or your hotel.


See the attractions or visit local points of interest right away. Maximize your time in town.


Keeping everyone and everything together is a challenge. Let us make it easier for you.


Let us help you settle in by handling your bags from the moment you arrive.

We Know What Travelers Want and Need

Drop off your bags right in the airport for day storage or for delivery to your hotel

Your bags are secured with tamper-safe zip ties and supervised from drop-off to delivery by full-time, bonded personnel

BagSafe℠ Tag technology lets BagHop help you locate and retrieve your lost bags, anywhere in the world

BagHop's Happy Travelers!

Over 93% of BagHop customers say BagHop service was excellent and more than met all of their expectations
More than 90% of BagHop customers say they are continuing to use BagHop and have already recommended BagHop to friends or colleagues
More than 95% of our customers say they will use BagHop again in the future.
Over 93% of BagHop customers rate us 5 out of 5 stars, and say we provided them excellent service
kristin K.
"I was thrilled to be able drop my bags in DC on an extended stop over before my late flight home. I was able to enjoy the city for the day! They were there the whole time. They have good, easy technology to get set up and it was very easy to navigate. they were also gentlemen. Perfect set up!"
Charles R.
"It was very convenient to be able to store my luggage while I attended interviews before flying out in the evening."
Candessa H.
"BagHop was a life saver when my friends and I needed to check out of our hotel before a late afternoon flight but wanted to leave our luggage somewhere so we could go sightseeing. It was easy and so convenient. And the young men who helped us were very friendly and gracious. We were very grateful BagHop was there!!! Thank you for your service!"
David G.
"This is a much needed service. Please spread to all airports nationwide!(Getting the word out may be hard) Good luck!"
Elizabeth K.
"I stashed my bag so I could enjoy some DC sites before catching my afternoon flight. My flight was cancelled. BagHop checked to make sure I hadn't forgotten my bag when I didn't return for it as early as they expected."
Dorothea M.
"Our experience with the staff in Wash DC was excellent. They were super friendly and helpful. I really like the zip tie thing you do. It made me feel more comfortable leaving my luggage with strangers."
Nyasha G.
"I think I was one of the first few customers that you had, 21st January 2020. Even though you told me you were just starting your services were excellent, you were professional and respectful. I hope as your business grows your quality of care remains the same or higher."
Serge B.
"Very convenient service and helpful staff."
Serge B.
"Very convenient service and helpful staff."
Michael M.
"Great service - meant we could go off and do something useful with our day instead of hanging out in the airport."
Michaelle T.
"You guys were great! I was in a huge jam and needed to store my luggage. I was near tears! Your team was so nice and helpful and took care of everything. I returned from my meeting that was across town- running late for my flight - and my bag was there with your super friendly employee who knew I was coming. He handed it over and I ran off and caught my flight. It was all so easy."

BagHop featured in the FlyWashington Magazine Spring 2020

Read about BagHop on Page 25.

Reagan BagHop Area Conveniently Located Inside Terminal B/C

Ground Transportation Level at Exit Door 5

Coming to Dulles International Airport soon

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