Terms of Service

What other Rules Govern BagHop delivery services?

BagHop is easy to work with. There are only a few primary constraints and guidelines to keep in mind.

  1. BagHop delivers to hotels within 25 miles of the arrival airport.

  2. BagHop requires that members warrant that their bags contain no substances or materials that are inherently dangerous or are banned for transport by the FAA. For more detailed information see our T’s & C’s.

  3. You must have a reservation at the hotel you want us to deliver your bags to and comply with their rules for drop off. (e.g. if they require you to inform them that BagHop will be delivering you are responsible to do that)

  4. If you believe your bag was damaged or if you believe any contents are missing, you must notify BagHop by writing an email to Concierge@baghop.net stating your perceived loss within 12 hours of delivery at your hotel. BagHop will contact you within 24 hours.

  5. BagHop is not responsible for actions outside our control which impact the timing of our delivery to your hotel (e.g. weather, police activity or actions by 3rd parties not under BagHop’s control). BagHop’s liability is limited to actual damages or $500 per piece of luggage, for any reason whatsoever, for delivered bags or stored bags.