How It WOrks

Luggage Storage and Delivery Made Easy

The simplest way to have your bags where you want them and when you need them. Learn how it works and get started below. Save time and give yourself more peace of mind today!

Make a Reservation Online or at the Airport

You can register with us right at the airport, in Terminal B/C at Exit Door 5, and let our team help you complete your registration and book your day storage or delivery service arrangements. Or, register online and receive your BagSafe℠ Tag on your first airport visit or by mail.

Drop Off Your Bags at the Airport

Simply drop off your luggage at the BagHop area at the airport, in Terminal B/C at Exit Door 5, and our on-site team will attach a BagSafe℠ Tag to your bags and arrange same day delivery or day storage services for you.

Pick Up Your Bags Where You need Them

When you're ready for your bags they are there. For stored bags, pick them up right where you dropped them off at the BagHop drop area in the airport, in Terminal B/C at Exit Door 5. For delivered bags, retrieve them at your hotel when you arrive to check in. Our bonded delivery team members will get your bags to your hotel on time and safe, and text you when they arrive.